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Send Large Files in Outlook

  1. Attach large files and folders in Outlook with totle.
  2. Set the storage period of the attached files.
  3. Set the attachment location in your email
  4. Add your email message and recipients and then click Send.

1. Attach Large Files & Folders

  • You can send large files and folders directly as attachments to e-mails in Outlook.
  • After installing, login to your totle account.
  • Open Outlook and click on New Email to open a New Message window to compose an email.
  • Click on Message > [Attach File] / [Attach Folder] to attach your files or folders.
  • Or you can click More Options to attach large files.
  • When you click the Attach File, Attach Folder, or More Options, the More Options pane will be displayed on the right side. 
  • You can fix the More Options pane by clicking ✅Always Show This Pane checkbox.

2. Set Storage Period of Your File

  • In the right-side pane, click on the Attachment tab > Add File or Add Folder to attach your files or folder.
  • When the file upload is completed, the uploaded file will be shown in the pane.
  • After the upload completes, you can set the file storage period by using the arrow buttons.
  • After the storage period you set, large files will be deleted automatically.

3. Set Attachment Location in Your Email

  • Click on the Set Position checkbox next to Storage Period.
  • If you check the checkbox, the image will be displayed in your email.
  • You can adjust the location of your attachments in your email contents by moving the image using the Backspace, Spacebar, and Enter keys.

4. Delete Attached Large Files or Folders

  • You can find the email list that you've attached large files or folders so far.
  • You can delete unnecessary attached large files at filebox to secure additional storage for your large file attachments. 
  •  Click on Home tab  →  totle menu →  filebox
  • Or click on More Options  → Attachment  → Filebox
  • Click the email you want to delete the attached file.
  • Click the Detail button in the top right corner.
  • You can find detailed information about your attached files and download history.
  • You can delete the attached file by clicking the Delete File or download the file by clicking the Download button.

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