Sending Options

Improve your work productivity with best-in-class add-in capabilities like read receipts, and separate and macro sending.

Read Receipt & Notification

totle provides a read receipt without the recipient knowing. Once you install totle, the read receipt will automatically turn on, and you can easily find out if someone opened your emails by setting up real-time notifications.

  • The time & date of your message was opened.
  • The number of times an email was opened by each recipient.
  • Devices that emails are opened on.

Separate Sending

You can send an email to multiple recipients with a single click. It's very useful when you have to send the same email item like newsletters, and announcements to more than 2 people separately.

Mail Merge
(Personalized email sending)

You can send personalized emails by adding value such as the recipient's name, company name, and job title. The macro value is based on the organization chart or Outlook contacts information.

* Mail merge is only available when separate sending is activated.

  • m_name:  Full name of the recipient
  • m_firstname: First name of the recipient
  • m_lastname: Last name of the recipient
  • m_email: Email address of the recipient
  • m_company: Company name of the recipient
  • m_department: Department of the recipient
  • m_jobtitle: Job title of the recipient

HTML Source Viewer

You can directly edit and preview HTML sources in Outlook. Once you make changes to HTML, the results will appear instantly in your web and mobile browser view.

Make your working experience more productive with totle.