Send Large Files

with Outlook!

Send large files in Outlook without

a complicated uploading process to the cloud.

Say goodbye to
Outlook file size limits

Attach and securely share your large files and folders
to emails without any limitations with totle.

Large File & Folder Attachment

With totle, you can securely send large files and folders without leaving your Outlook window. In addition to large file attachments, totle also gives you control to set the storage period and location of the attachment files.

  • Set file Storage Period
  • Set the location of a file attachment

Managing & Removing Attached Large Files

You can delete unnecessary large files you attached in your email at Filebox and secure additional storage.

  • Access management for attached files and folders by setting storage period.
  • Easy file management
    • Download and delete previously attached files easily through Filebox at any time.

Make your working experience more productive with totle.