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Multiple Sending Options

1) Attach Large Files & Folders

  • You can send large files and folders directly as attachments to e-mails in Outlook.
  • After installing, login to your totle account.
  • Open Outlook and click on New Email to open a New Message window to compose an email.
  • Click on Message > [Attach File] / [Attach Folder] to attach your files or folders.
  • Or you can click More Options to attach large files.
  • When you click the Attach File, Attach Folder, or More Options, the More Options pane will be displayed on the right side. 
  • You can fix the More Options pane by clicking ✅Always Show This Pane checkbox.

2) Set Storage Period of Your File

  • In the right-side pane, click on the Attachment tab > Add File or Add Folder to attach your files or folder.
  • When the file upload is completed, the uploaded file will be shown in the pane.
  • After the upload completes, you can set the file storage period by using the arrow buttons.
  • After the storage period you set, large files will be deleted automatically.

3) Set Attachment Location in Your Email

  • Click on the Set Position checkbox next to Storage Period.
  • If you check the checkbox, the image will be displayed in your email.
  • You can adjust the location of your attachments in your email contents by moving the image using the Backspace, Spacebar, and Enter keys.

4) Delete Attached Large Files or Folders

  • You can find the email list that you've attached large files or folders so far.
  • You can delete unnecessary attached large files at filebox to secure additional storage for your large file attachments. 
  •  Click on Home tab  →  totle menu →  filebox
  • Or click on More Options  → Attachment  → Filebox
  • Click the email you want to delete the attached file.
  • Click the Detail button in the top right corner.
  • You can find detailed information about your attached files and download history.
  • You can delete the attached file by clicking the Delete File or download the file by clicking the Download button.

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