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Find out who read your emails in Outlook

1. How totle read receipt works

  • totle put a 1px square image embedded in your email and the image file is transparent and invisible. 
  • Once the tiny and hidden image is loaded, it can report the times and dates their associated email was opened, as well as the location of the device used, and the email client involved. 
  • If the recipients disable images from automatically loading, you won't be able to use read receipts.

2. Turn read receipts on and notifications

  • You can track whether the recipients have opened your email without the recipient knowing. Once you install totle program, the read receipt feature will automatically turn on, and you can easily find out if someone opened your emails by setting up real-time notifications.
  • Open Outlook and click on New Email to open a New Message window to compose an email.
  • Click on Message →  Sending Options →  Read Receipt.
  • Click on Single Read Receipt or Multi Read Receipt
  • Once the option is checked, you can use read receipt until you disable the read receipt feature.
    • Free users can use the read receipts up to 10 times a month. After 10 times, the feature will be disabled automatically.

3. Difference between Single Read Receipt & Multi Read Receipt

  • Single Read Receipt (Exchange & SMTP)
    • It's only available to find out whether your email was opened. You won't be able to check who opened your email. It only tells the client information except for the exact recipient.

  • Multi Read Receipt (SMTP Only)
    • As Multi Read Receipt checks each recipient by sending as many emails as the number of recipients to check who opened the email, you'll see duplicated emails in your sent items. However, you can check detailed read receipt information by recipients.

4. Check read receipts

A. Enable Pop-up Notifications

  • Notifications is a handy pop-up alert for new emails and email opens.
  • When you receive a new email message or the recipient opens your email, a notification pop-up will appear on your screen.
  • Click on Home tab  Notifications
  • Check ✅ Enable Pop-up Notifications checkbox on the top right-hand corner of the window.
  • By clicking the checkbox, you can view all of the read receipt information for your sent emails in the Notification pop-up window.

Change your display preferences

  • Click on Display dropdown
  • You can change display preferences by clicking the Display drop-down menu. 
    • Sender (Recipient), Recipient's account, Subject
    • Sender(Recipient), Receiver Account
    • Sender (Recipient), Subject
    • Recipient's account, Subject
    • Recipient's account

Enable Notification by account

  • Click on Enabled Account on the top right-hand corner of the window. 
  • You can enable notifications by account by checking each item. 

B. Click Read Receipt

View all read receipt

  • Click on Sent items →  Read Receipt
    • You can view all read receipt information here.

View read receipt for selected email

  • Click on Sent items →  email you want to see detailed read receipt  →  Message tab →  Read Receipt
  • You can check all of read receipt information for your sent email.
    • The time & date of your message was opened.
    • The number of times an email was opened by each recipient.
    • The client information (Outlook, Windows XP etc.)

C. Use Result Analysis

  • You can analyze the performance of a sent email by using Result Analysis
  • Click on Sent items →  email you want to see detailed read receipt  →  Message tab →  Read Receipt
  • Then click on Result Analysis at the center of the read receipt window.
  • You can analyze your email performance 
    • Email Open Rate
      • Total sendings
      • Total views (Duplicate)
      • Open rate
      • Email opens by a device (PC/Mobile)
    • Email open by recipients (Top 50)
  • Email Open
    • Email opens by day: It is a great metric to find out which is the best day with the highest email open rates.
    • Email opens by time: It is a great metric to find out when is the best time to send an email.

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