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Send personalized emails in Outlook

1. What is Macro Sending?

  • Macro sending can be used when you need to send the same email to multiple recipients individually with the recipients' name, job title, organization name, and department information in the email contents. 
  • If you add the Macro Value to your email contents, the recipient's information based on your contacts will appear automatically.

2. Send email using Macro

Step 1. Update your Outlook Contacts

  • Macro value is using your Outlook Contacts information.
  • Please update the correct data in your Outlook Contacts so that the macro values can be accurately reflected.
  • Click on the People → New Contact in Outlook.
  • Update Contact fields to match with the Macro value below.
Macro Value
Outlook Contact Fields
m_name : Recipient - Full Name
File as
m_firstname : Recipient - First Name
First Name

m_lastname : Recipient - Last Name

Last Name
m_email : Recipient - Email
Internet Email

m_company : Recipient - Company


m_department : Recipient - Department

m_jobtitle : Recipient - Job Title

Step 2. Add macro value to email

  • Click on New Mail  →  Sending Options →   Send Using Macro
  • Macro sending is only available when the separate sending is activated.
  • Once you activate the macro sending, Separate Sending option will be turned on automatically.
  • When the macro sending is activated, the Macro Insert menu will appear right next to the Sending Options.
  •  Click on Insert Macro drop-down → Macro value (ex: m_name: Recipient - Full Name) to insert a macro value to your email.
  • You can add the value to your email subject line and email body text by clicking the macro value in the drop-down.

* Available Macro Value

  • m_name : Recipient - Full Name
  • m_firstname : Recipient - First Name
  • m_lastname : Recipient - Last Name
  • m_email : Recipient - Email
  • m_company : Recipient - Company
  • m_department : Recipient - Department
  • m_jobtitle : Recipient - Job Title

Step 3. Check the macro value before sending

  • After adding all the macro values you want, you can check and match the value and the real contact data in the pop-up window before sending.
  • Once you finish the review, click Start Sending.
  • The recipient will receive an email with the updated values like the image below.

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