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Edit and send HTML source emails in Outlook

1. View HTML Source in Outlook

2. Why does "HTML Source View" need in Outlook?

  • Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client used by many people all around the world, but sometimes HTML messages do not display properly in Outlook.
  • This is because Outlook uses Microsoft Word for rendering your HTML. So it's important to see instant previews of your HTML emails before sending them.

HTML Source View?

  • By using View HTML Source, you can edit the HTML source of your email in Outlook regardless of which browser you use.

3. Send HTML emails in Outlook

Step 1. Delete the existing HTML codes

  • Click on New Email → totle tab →  View HTML Source.
  • Select all the existing HTML code using Ctrl + A or pressing the right button on the mouse to click Select All.
  • And then press the Delete key to delete all the codes.

Step 2. Paste the HTML Source

  • Copy the HTML email source you want to edit or see in Outlook and paste the source to the body text using Ctrl + V or pressing the right button on the mouse to click Paste.
  • And then Click on the View HTML Source button once again.
  • Click Yes to preview your HTML email.
  • If you click Yes, you'll see an HTML email in Outlook.

4. Test HTML Code in a Browser

Click View in browser

  • You can preview your HTML email in a browser by clicking View in Browser.

Mobile View

  • You can preview your HTML email in a mobile view by clicking Mobile View.
  • If you want to rotate your screen in mobile view, click the Rotate button.

💡 What to check before using View in Browser!

  • Edge WebView2 Runtime must be installed to use View in Browser.
  • If you haven't installed the Edge WebView2 Runtime, please download the program by clicking the URL below.
  • Download Edge WebView2 Runtime

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