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Send password-protected PDF emails in Outlook

1. What is Secure Sending?

  • We provide a Password-protected email feature. If you send an email using secure sending, your recipient receives an email telling them they have received a secure encrypted message in pdf and must enter a previously agreed-upon password to read the message.

2. Send Password-protected Emails

  • Click on New Email and compose your email.
  • Click on Sending Options → Secure Sending before clicking send.
  • Type a password and type the password again for confirmation.
    • the email recipient will need the password to read your message, so make sure you share the password with them. 
    • Or you can leave a message in the message box for a password hint.
  • Set the pdf permission.
    • You can set pdf print permission by clicking the drop-down menu.
    • You can set pdf edit permission by clicking the drop-down menu. 
  • Set the additional settings
    • You can enable copying of text, images, and other content by clicking the checkbox.
    • You can enable screen readers to assist blind and visually impaired users by clicking the checkbox. 
  • If you finish the setting, Click Secure Mail.

3. How to open a password-protected email?

  • Your recipient will get a message that is a password-protected pdf.
  • Click Download Secured Mail PDF File.
  • Password-protected PDF will be downloaded.
  • Open the PDF file with a double click.
  • Enter the previously set password in the Enter Password box.
  • You will see the email contents in the PDF.

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