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Create an organization chart and use the chart in Outlook

1. Organization Chart in Outlook

  • You can send emails to a specific group, department, and specific recipient based on organization chart information. With an organization chart, you can easily find the right person to talk with in your company when you need assistance from your other co-workers, instead of trying to struggle alone.

* Organization Chart is only available with paid subscriptions.

2. Create an organization chart in Outlook

Step 1. Add Job Titles

  • Click on totle tab → Manage Org and the Manage Organization Pop-up window will appear.
  • Before updating your Organization Chart, update job titles first.
  • Click on the Job Title tab → Add Job Title to add all job titles you use in your company.
    • You can move up and down using the arrow button. You'll see the job title information in order you set here.

Step 2. Add a company and department

  • Click on the Organization tab → New Co. to add your company information.
  • Click New Depart to add a department under your company.

Step 3. Add members

  • Click the company or department you want to add members to.
  • Click on the Organization tab → Add Member to add members to your company or department you select.
    • Put information into blank spaces.
      • Name, Email, Mobile, Company Tel, Ext Number, Used (if you select the other option "Disabled", you can make the member invisible in the organization chart)

Step 3. Add members in bulk

  • Click the company or department you want to add members to.
  • Click the Import Excel button in the top right corner. 
  • Click the link to download the member upload Excel form.
  • Download the excel form and save your data in the excel file.
  • Click the Upload bulk button to upload the excel file.
  • Once your file is uploaded, the member information will appear in the window.
  • After selecting Group (which company or department) information, click Register all members button to add members to your organization chart.

3. Use organization chart when composing emails

  • You can easily add recipients based on the organization chart.
  • Click on New Email → More Options → Org. tab
  • Check the company or department you want to add as recipients.
  • Find the member information in the box below.
  • Check the members and then click To, Cc or Bcc to add recipients to your email.

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