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Add memos to your email in Outlook

1. Email Memo?

  • You can easily add memos to your sent or received emails in Outlook. You can easily record and organize important tasks you should not forget such as deadlines, and to-do lists.

2. Add a memo to your email

  • Select the email you want to add memos to.
  • You can select the email in your inbox or sent items folder.
  • Click the Message tab → More Options
  • Once the More Options panel is activated, click the Memo tab.
  • Click New Memo to add a note to the selected message.

3. Memo Menu

  • Fix Memo: You can fix the memo on the top
  • Change Background Color: You can change the memo background-color
  • Edit the memo: you can edit the memo
  • Delete: You can delete your memo

4. Search for your Memos

  • You can search for your memos at the Search Memos tab in the Sending Option pane.
  • Or search for your memos at totle tab like the image below.

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