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Create mailing lists and add the lists to Outlook

1. What is Mailing List?

  • totle's mailing list is a personalized email distribution list.
  • You can create and use a mailing list you use. If you're sending emails to the same recipients frequently, you can save the email addresses as a mailing list and use the list whenever you want. You don't have to type all recipients' email addresses every time. Just double-click your mailing list to add recipients.
  • Use cases for the mailing list
    • Annual leave request
    • Remote work request
    • Expense approval request
    • C-level announcement
    • Local holiday announcement
    • Quotation request for Product A

* Mailing list is only available with paid subscriptions. 

2. Create Mailing List in Outlook

  • Select Home → New Email
  • And then click More Options to activate the right pane.
  • Once the More Options panel is activated, click on the Mailing list tab.
  • Add recipients you want to save as a mailing list to To, Cc, and Bcc
  • Click on the New mailing list button to save the list.
  • Enter a mailing list name and set the sender address by checking the checkbox.
  • Select a folder you want to save your mailing list.
  • When your mailing list is saved successfully, you can find the list on the right template pane.

3. Change the Existing Mailing List

  • Double-click the mailing list you want to change.
  • The mailing list will appear on To, Cc, and Bcc. 
  • Add or remove the recipients' email addresses.
  • And then click Save to apply the changes to your mailing list.

4. Compose an Email Using a mailing list in Outlook

  • Select Home → New Email
  • Click More Options to activate the right side pane in Outlook.
  • Click the Mailing List tab in the pane.
  • Select the mailing list you want to use and double-click the list.
  • You can find the mailing list in To, Cc, and Bcc.

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