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Chat with your co-workers in Outlook

1. Chatting in Outlook?

  • You can chat with your colleagues in Outlook.
  • If the recipients use totle, you can chat with the recipients easily. 
  • Instead of sending separate emails, you can quickly share your feedback on the email within one email.

2. Use Chatting in Outlook

  • Select the email you want to share your feedback with Chatting.
  • You can select the email in your inbox or sent items folder.
  • Once you open your email, click Message → More Options.
  • When the More Option pane is activated, click the Chatting tab.
  • Type a comment in the text box in the bottom right corner.
    • You can attach files or images by clicking the icons.
  • Click Send.

3. Chatting Menu

  • Search: You can search for chat messages.
  • Chatting Pop-up: You can open a separate chatting window instantly.
  • Menu:  You can find more menus on the Chatting feature.
    • You can set new chat notifications by checking Notification on the drop-down menu.
  • Participants: You can find the available status of email recipients by clicking participants.

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