Email Security

Keep your email secure by using totle's advanced email security features like mail encryption, file upload, and mail sending restrictions.

Anti-Spam Protection

Directly report and mark email messages as spam or junk by clicking the "Manage Spam" icon in Outlook. As more than 130,000 totle users share the reported data, you'll get less spam.

Mail Encryption

Send important emails as PDFs. As emails can only be opened once you enter the correct passwords the sender has been set previously, you can send emails confidentially.

File Encryption & Compression

Compress and encrypt attachments to your emails easily. If you're trying to attach Excel or PowerPoint file, containing personal information, you don't have to set a separate password for each file.

File Upload Restriction

Restrict file attachments by their file types. You can not only restrict file attachment uploads by file extensions like exe, pdf, ai, xlsx, zip, but also limit the max size of attached files.

External Recipient Warining

Set an external warning alarm when your emails include external recipients. It helps you avoid making careless mistakes at work.

Available Options for Warning Pop-ups

  • All recipients are displayed by internal and external recipients are displayed before sending
  • Internal and external recipients are displayed before sending 
  • Only external recipients are displayed before sending

Mail Sending Restriction

Restrict your email sending under certain conditions. It allows you to restrict sending emails by the number of recipients, certain email addresses or email domains, and included words. You can also customize warning pop-up window messages at the admin portal.

  • The number of recipients to be checked
  • Email addresses or email domains to be checked
  • Certain words to be checked
    (ex: sales pipelines, forecast, final design, etc.)

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