Have real-time chat and email templates with your team members to let your members connect and communicate. 

Organizational Chart

Create or upload an organizational chart to find the right person to talk with. From the right-side navigation panel in Outlook, every employee easily finds who they can go to when they need assistance, instead of trying to struggle alone. 

Email Templates

Create and save email templates you frequently send. Instead of creating an email from scratch, you'll save time and respond faster with email templates.

Mailing List

Create and save the mailing list you frequently use. Instead of typing all recipients' email addresses every time,  just double-click the mailing list you want to add to the email.

Sender Macro

Use sender macro for your email templates. You can add the macro to email templates. As the macro automatically reflects the sender's information, you can save time and make it easier to use email templates. It's especially useful when you use email templates like mail signatures, approval request forms, etc.

  • tm_name: sender's full name
  • tm_companyname: sender's company name
  • m_department: sender's department 
  • tm_jobtitle: sender's job title 
  • tm_email: sender's email address
  • tm_mobilephone:  sender's mobile phone number
  • tm_companytel:  sender's company phone number
  • tm_companyexttel:  sender's company extension number

Real-time Chatting

Share your feedback through live chat in Outlook. Instead of sending separate emails, you can quickly send and receive responses within one email.

Email Memo

Create memos by emails in Outlook. It not only helps you keep track of your work progress by adding to-dos and deadlines to your project, but it also makes you remain focused on your work.

Google Account Sync

Sync your google account to the Outlook desktop app with totle. You can sync your Google Drive, Calendar, Tasks & Contacts to Outlook. Once you sync your Google account to Outlook, you'll have two-way syncing for all of your calendars, along with your tasks and contacts.

MS Teams Chat Sync

Start Microsoft Teams chat without leaving Outlook. You can easily start Teams chatting with your coworkers by right-clicking on the sender or recipient's email address.

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