[Large File Attachment]How to send large files in Outlook

How to send large files in Outlook

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How to send large files in Outlook?

Have you ever been warned about the file size limit when attempting to attach a large file in Outlook?
Outlook restricts the size of files sent as attachments in emails due to email server restrictions. 

Internet email accounts such as Outlook.com or Gmail limit files larger than 20 MB, and Exchange accounts that are used for business emails limit file sizes to 10 MB by default. (Source: Microsoft website)

If you want to attach a file with a larger size to an email in Outlook, the only way to do so is to upload and save the file to a shared cloud and create a link for sharing.

You will inevitably waste time on inefficient work because you need to upload files in a folder shared with your team members and share a link to the shared cloud (OneDrive) folder.

If that’s the case,
is there any way to attach large files in Outlook?

With totle, you can attach large files to emails in just a few clicks.

As totle supports not only file attachment but also file compression and encryption, this can prevent concerns about data leakage within your organization.

With that said, let's learn how to attach large files using totle step by step.

How to attach large files and folders

1. Download and install totle via the totle website.

2. Launch Outlook and sign up for totle before logging in.

3. Click New Email.

4. Click Attach Large File or Attach Folder  or More Options in the totle menu of the Message tab at the top of Outlook.

5. Click Attach Large File or Attach Folder

  • When you click Attach Large File or Attach Folder, the Select Large Files/Folders pop-up window appears along with the totle More Options menu panel on the right. 
    • File size: By default, the file size limit for attachments is 2 GB per file, and users with paid subscription plans can set the storage limit per file separately.
    • File retention period: By default, files are retained for 14 days, while paid subscription plans provide users with unlimited file storage space.

6. Click the desired file or folder to attach it to the email.

  • When file attachment is complete, you can view the list of attachments in the totle More Options panel located on the right.
  • Attaching large files and folders using totle

7. By setting a separate retention period, not only can you designate the download period but also designate the location where the files will be shown in the email body by checking the Set Position checkbox.

  • Designating the download period and file location
    • Period: You can designate a period when the recipient can download the attachments.
      • You can set the download period by clicking the arrow buttons next to Period.
    • Position: You can designate where the files will be shown in the email body using drag and drop.
      • The panel where you can designate the location of the files in the email body 

8. File size limits vary by the plan you're using, and you can change and update the minimum and maximum file sizes at any time via Admin Tools.

9. You can also easily attach large files and folders through the More Options panel that appears on the right when you click More Options on the Outlook Home tab, instead of clicking the totle Attach Large File or Attach Folder menu at the top.

Make your working experience more productive with totle.