[Effective Communication]How to utilize Email Contacts in Outlook

How to utilize Email Contacts in Outlook

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How to utilize email contacts to Outlook?

Using contact groups in Outlook!

Whether you need to send a work email to everyone on your team or invite all team members to a meeting, a contact group containing only the relevant persons enables you to quickly send the email to the persons concerned without having to enter their email addresses one by one.

You can choose to use the New Contact Group function, the default contact function in Outlook, as the mailing list.

This New Contact Group function, however, does not reflect To, Cc and Bcc information.

When sending work emails, it is often necessary to distinguish between those who are directly and indirectly related to the project or correspondence; however, Outlook's basic functions do not satisfy the user’s needs in such cases. 

That's why with totle's Email Contacts, you can save recipient lists by group by distinguishing To, Cc, and Bcc, and retrieve and send emails quickly when necessary.

  1. When sending emails in bulk for each department, position, or project
  2. When it is difficult to remember the names included in To or Cc
  3. When sending emails to frequently used contact groups

Using totle to create and save an email contact

  • In Outlook, click New Email, go to the Message tab, click More Options under the totle menu. From the totle right panel, click Mailing Lists
  • In the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, enter the email addresses of the recipients you wish to save in your contacts. 
  • Click the New Mailing List button, name the email contact, and then click Save. 

  • totle's Email Contacts also allows the user to specify outgoing email addresses
  • If you wish to save outgoing email addresses as well when saving the email contact, check the Also Save Outgoing Email Addresses checkbox below the email contact name input field, and then click Save.

Using totle to create and save an email contact

  • To use a saved address template, click New Email → totle right panel → Mailing List, and then double-click the email contacts in My Mailing List to load them

  • Add content to the email body using the address template and click Send to send the email.

Save time and boost your work productivity by loading frequently used contact groups with totle's Email Contacts!

Make your working experience more productive with totle.