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totle Features

1) Read Receipt

1. You can set a detailed option for read receipt feature.

2. You can turn on the settings to collect more information for detailed read receipt information.

  • Collect IP Address: You can collect recipients' IP addresses if you activate the feature.
  • Collect Referer Header: You can activate Referral Header when you send emails. It allows you to find out the recipient's client information. More specifically, you can find out which device is used to open your email when you turn on this option.
  • Display IP Address: You can make them show the IP address in the read receipt window.
  • Display Referer Header: You can make them show the Client information in the read receipt window. 

2) Scheduled Sending

1. If you want to activate totle's scheduled sending feature, you have to activate the scheduled Sending feature at Admin Portal.

2. Go to totle Features > Scheduled Sending.

3. Click the Use checkbox.

4. And then enter allowed domains for scheduled sending.

* If your company's domain is, please enter in the text box.

5. And then click the Save button on the upper right-hand corner.

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