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totle Features

1. Read Receipt Settings

  • Click Admin Tools → More Options → Read Receipt Settings.

By clicking Enable / Disable, you can determine whether to collect and display the IP address and Referer header values in the Read Receipt log and large file downloads log.

  • IP Address: This is a unique ID assigned to each internet-connected device.
    • Collect IP Address: You can collect recipients' IP addresses if you activate the feature.

  • Referer Header: Displays the webpage address in front of the link of the currently requested page.
    • Collect Referer Header: You can activate Referral Header when you send emails. It allows you to find out the recipient's client information. More specifically, you can find out which device is used to open your email when you turn on this option.

2. Scheduled Email Settings

  • Click Admin Tools → More Options → Scheduled Sending Settings.
  • Click Enable / Disable to enable or disable the schedule email function.
  • Click Save to save the changes