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1. License Activation

1. You can set the license activation option here.

2.  Once users completed the installation using the URL, they automatically appear on the User Settings tab with activated licenses. 

3. You don't have to set other settings for license activation

4. However, if you want to grant users with license access manually, you can enable the License Activation option by clicking the Use checkbox.

2. User Settings

1. You can set detailed settings for users at Users > Users Settings.

2. If you click the Users Settings tab, you can find all users with license access. 

3. You can also monitor the storage usage by users here.

Detailed Settings for Users

1. You can set Detailed user settings at User > User Settings.

2.  Select the row of the user that you want to update settings.

3. And then update the detailed settings for the user.

  1.  Allocated storage: You can allocate storage by the user.
  2.  Max Upload Size: You can also set the maximum upload file size per user.
  3.  Enable User Logging: You can manually turn on the User Logging feature if a specific user has a technical issue. 
  4.  Automatic Cc: You can automatically add Cc by entering email addresses here.
  5.  Automatic Bcc: You can automatically add Bcc by entering email addresses here.

3. Disabled Users

1. You can find all Disabled Users.

2. If you need to activate a license for a certain user you can activate the user here.

3. Select a user you want to activate the license.

4. Click Enable button.

4. Manage Sessions

1. You can see User Session information.

2. Go to Users > Manage Sessions.

3. You'll find the detailed user session information below.

  1.  User Account
  2.  Name 
  3.  Last Accessed Date
  4.  IP address
  5.  Computer Name
  6.  Windows Version
  7.  User's Language
  8.  Office Version
  9.  totle Version
  10.  Google Calendar: Do users actually use this feature or not
  11.  Google Contact: Do users actually use this feature or not 
  12.  Google Drive: Do users actually use this feature or not 
  13.  Read Receipt: Do users actually use this feature or not 
  14.  Session ID
  15.  User ID