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Organization Chart

1. My Organization

1. You can update your organization name at the Organization Chart tab.

2. Go to Organization Chart > My Organization.

3.  Company Code is code for totle internal system. Please don't edit the code.

4. Enter your company name in the Company Name field and then click save.

* The company name will be displayed in the mail template and mailing list.

2. Organization Chart Setings

1. In order to use the Organization Chart feature in totle, you have to activate its features at the admin portal.

2. Go to Organization Chart > Organization Chart Settings.

3. Click the Use option to activate the feature.

Set administrator for Organization Chart

1. You can also set the administrator of the organization chart by typing an email address. 

* The Organization Chart administrator can update the organization chart information in totle.

2. Enter an admin email address per line.

3. Click the Save button.