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1) User Account

totle Account
ID (Email)

You can find totle's ID here.

You can find your subscribed plan here.

You can find your subscription period here.

Change Password
You can request a password reset here.

You can logout here

Delete Account

You can delete your account here.

My Profile

You can add your name here. Your name will appear in chat.

Profile Photo

You can upload your profile photo here. Your uploaded photo will show when you are in chat.


You can introduce yourself here. Coworkers can view your profile when you are in chat.

Date of Birth

You can add your date of birth here.

2) General Settings

Outlook Settings
Run Outlook on Windows startup

You can automatically start Outlook when you turn on your computer by checking the checkbox.

Press X button to minimize the windows without closingYou can use "X" button to minimize your Outlook windows without closing by checking the checkbox.
Press ALT + F4 keys to minimize the windows without closing
You can use ALT + F4 shortcuts to minimize the windows without closing by checking the checkbox.
totle Display Language
Match the language set in Microsoft Outlook

You can match the language set in your Microsoft Outlook.

EnglishYou can set your language in English.
You can set your language in Korean.
Drag & Drop
Enable file Drag-and-Drop to external programs

You can attach files from your Outlook to other 3rd party programs by dragging and dropping your files.

Make it available in Microsoft Office 2010 version

You can activate the drag and drop features in Office 2010 version.

totle Update
Enable pop-up notifications for version updates.

You can activate Update pop-up notifications by checking the checkbox.

3) Additional Settings

More Options Settings
Always show when writing a new email

You can always show more options panel when writing a new email by checking the checkbox.

Always show on the screen when replying or forwardingYou can always show the more options panel when you're replying to or forwarding emails.
Always show in mail viewYou can always show more options panel when you open your received or sent emails.
Always show on the Outlook mail list page.
You can always show more options panel in the mail list page.
Writing Mail - Additional Tabs

You can customize more option panel tabs by adding or removing tabs. Or you can change the order by clicking Move Up and Move Down buttons.

4) Mail Settings

Change the zoom level

You can fix the zoom level you want.

Read Receipt
You can choose how [Read receipt] information display on your screen.
Mail composing /
sending options

You can enable [Send to me] or [Separage sending] options by checking the checkboxes.

Reply, Reply to all,
Forward features
You can set reply and forward options.
Template Feature

You can remove the existing email addresses and contents whenever you open other templates by checking the checkbox.

Automatically add
CC and BCC

You can automatically Cc (carbon copy) or Bcc someone on every email you send.

Checklist before sending
You can set email before sending options.
Show sender's account for new email
You can display the sender's account whenever you create a new message.
You can manually update Pop-up message by clicking the Pop-up message row.

Notification Settings
You can set detailed notification settings here.
You can set the file name format for file export.

5) Google Account Sync

Sync Calendar

You can set the Google Calendar sync automatically. 

Calendar Sync range 
You can set the calendar synchronization range to all events in the past. 
Sync Contacts

You can set the Google Contacts sync automatically.

Sync Tasks
You can set the Google Tasks sync automatically.

6) Notification

Chatting Notifications

You can change your notification window for chatting here.

7) Shortcuts

Windows Settings - Shortcuts

You can manually test and set Windows shortcuts here.

Outlook - Shortcuts
You can change Outlook shortcuts and the default search in Outlook to all mailboxes by checking the checkbox.

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